Rod shown above: Rectangle quad. Spots on varnish are from light rain.



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Spring Creek Rods is a small, one-man shop located near Spring Creek in Centre County, PA. I take the greatest pride in building every rod. Not only is every fly rod meticulously crafted, but I build many of my own components, like reel seats and ferrules, so your rod won't look like everyone else's.

I also build much of my own equipment, including rough-out bevelers, binders, milling machine, and planing form, so when you purchase one of my rods, it will be unique in all ways, including the equipment used to build it.

Spring Creek Rods, I strive to build the highest quality bamboo fly rods available at prices that even those new to bamboo can afford. My goal is the finest craftsmanship and satisfied customers.

New! Up-to-Date Newsletter.  Be kept up to date on what new things I am doing, like hollow building, new rectangle quad or square quad tapers, or three-piece rods (or possibly rods in stock, vintage trade-ins, or other makers that haven't been loaded to the site yet). Send me your email address to be kept in the loop. All emails will be kept confidential. 

For more information, email me!

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