Hexagon Bamboo Fly Rods

Hexagon rods are my traditional six-sided rods. They are made of six strips and are precision milled. There are many classic tapers available for this rod, I also have my own custom tapers available. These hexagon rods can be built solid or hollow. I offer custom reel seats including the reel seat shown in the picture, which is walnut filler and nickle silver hardware with rope knurling. I can also do blueing on the hardware. These can be made as Flame cane or Blonde rods. See Tapers link

There are so many tapers, that there are endless possibilities. Here are a few.

1. 8′ 3-pc. 5-wt. off an E. W. Edwards 1930 rod is a delicate rod. Casts close and cast far. Nice rod with an impressive taper. Best 3 pc. rod I have ever cast.

2. 6′ 3″ 1945 Paul Young Midge 4 wt. (reproduction)

3. 7′ 0″ 3 wt. (medium fast)

4. 7′ 0″ 3/4 wt. 7012 (delicate, loads in close)

5. 7′ 0″ 4 wt. 7012C (fast)

6. 7′ 6″ 7613 Dickerson 5/6 wt. (fast)

7. 7′ 4″ 4/5 wt. (smooth, delicate – very nice. I use this taper on my personal rod that I fish 95% of the time. I primarily use for fishing sulphers and other fly emergers except weighted nymphs on Spring Creek and Fishing Creek. It has progressive action and is a Payne taper that is shortened .

8. 6′ 8″ F. E. Thomas taper. Casts a 3-wt. Nice rod.

9. 7′ Garrison 193 3-4wt. Nice taper.

10. 8′ 3-pc. 5-wt Gene Edwards taper. On faster side of medium. This is a crisp rod.

11- Payne 98 copy 7′ 5wt. forward nice medium fast rod, about everyone likes this taper.


13- 3pc. A & F Triton made by Edwards – nice 5wt. Forward line rod has a delicate sweet feel. It casts up to 45ft and is a fine tip rod.

14- 8ft 3wt 2 pc rod. Nice 3 wt and longer length for mending line.

15- 9 ft 7wt 2 pc. Paul Young Model -Para 18 very easy casting rod. It takes no effort to cast 80ft . Rod is very impressive imo . This rod would make a nice large trout rod or a nice lt. steel head rod. The rod was made in the 40’s, and is an early Young. A friend is the original owner of the rod that I mic’d that is a model 18.

16- Paul Young perfectionist -7’6″ epc-4-5wt, nice parabolic rod.

17- 8′ 3pc Leonard SO. 5wt there are many of these tapers, I like this one as a medium-fast all around trout rod. It even packs down for travel.

18- 8′ 5wt Paul Young 15. I mic’d the rod from a friends’ collection. Done as Paul Young built it on 6″ centers. Nice, easier to cast parabolic action and makes as a good all-purpose trout rod.

19- Paul Young Driggs taper, 7′ 2″ 5wt. Nice parabolic rod and casts well. Cast in nice tight loops.

20- Parabolic- 9′ 7wt, nice big trout rod or lite steel-head rod- casts a long line and is a fun rod.

21- My Taper parabolic 9′ 3″ 10 wt line. Salmon taper or large steel head taper. Roll casts well also can handle handle weighted nymphs. Casts a long line as well and made with my taper.

22- 7′ 4/5wt line Payne 98 taper. Crisp dry fly rod with a nice taper.

23- Payne 7′ 6″ 4wt Payne 100 progressive and smooth action that flexes all the way to the grip. I use this quite a bit for trout.

24 – 8′ – 4wt line Payne taper nice longer length light line rod
25- 8 ft 3 pc 5 wt line Edwards taper progressive rod.

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