In stock New and Used Bamboo Fly Rods

7′ 6″ Montagne taper, 4/5 wt. Light spots on varnish are from light rain.
Rod pictured above is sold.

– Refinished 8′ 3 pc 2 tip Heddon $400.00

– 7′  6 ” 2 pc   2 tip  5 line Mahogany toned quad rod.  Smooth, nice taper.  I will post pics when I’m done.

– R-Quad Hollow 3-4 WT 7′ 8″ with two tips blank was made 10 years or so ago. I am finishing it shortly. It is the lightest line WT rod in the R-Quads I make. Nice small fly, smaller fish rod for that work.  I will post pictures when I’m done.

Partial trade are accepted .  I like Hardy fly weight reels, feather weight reels, and Daisy Heddon fly reels.

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