I am currently hollow-building r-quads.

1. 7′ 6″ 4/5 wt, Michael Montagne taper. This is a very fast rod with a delicate tip. Not a slow rod, or faint of heart. This is a Dry fly rod.

Below are R Quads of my design:

2. Hollow rectangle quad, 7’8″ 5-wt. Smooth, accurate, progressive action, roll casts well. Medium-medium fast action. This is called the LT Series and is my lighter version.

3. Little bit faster rod than the rod above. It has a smooth and accurate progressive action. Casts a long line when called upon. It has a kick to it at about 35 feet. Medium fast rod in the MB Series.

4- 7’8″ Hollow Rectangle Quad 4wt, favors a 4wt. Rio wt. Forward line with a progressive taper cast a nice line smooth transition to the tippet. This is a smooth light line rod that has a sweet feel to it, it is not too slow or too fast. I call it medium or medium fast. This would be a good rod for small dries or emergers, not a nymph rod. It can handle small-medium trout and flies. This rod with out the reel seat tips the scale at 3.1 ounce.

5- 7′ 8 ” 3wt H. B. Rectangle Quad. This is the lightest line R- Quad I make.

6- 8′ 6″ 2 pc. Hollow Rectangle Quad 4wt or 5wt. I Like it with a 5wt forward and a rio gold 4wt forward. Full flexing progressive action and flexes into the grip.

7- 8 ‘ 3″ 2 pc. Hollow Rectangle Quad 5-6wt, in a forward line. This rod is on the faster side for medium to larger water.


There are many Edwards quad tapers available. I have lengths of 6 ft, 7-foot, 7-1/2 foot, 8-foot, 8-1/2 foot, 9 ft, and 9 ft 3 inch.


1. My taper – 7 1/2 5-wt, compound taper. It has a similar bend form to a Martha Marie Young rod and is quite powerful.

2. Sam Carlson 7 1/2′ 5-wt. Medium action progressive, delicate tip with a smooth and sweet relaxed taper. This is an easy to cast rod.

3. Three-piece, 8-foot, 5-wt, medium action. This taper is taken from a Dickerson 801510. It’s a nice, medium action rod.

4. 7′ Edwards quad. Model 25. Casts a 4 DT.

5. 6′ 2pc. 4-wt Quad and cast nice and far for a small rod.

6. 7’ 2pc 3-wt.

7- 7’6″ 3 dt S. A. Gpx or 4wt. Forward Hollow sq. Quad made for small waters, small flies, and small to medium fish. It has a nice lt. feel and a progressive taper.

8- 7 ‘ sq. Quad Hollow built 3wt rod for small flies and semi-small fish.

9- 8′ 4wt Hollow 4wt Quad, it is a nice light line rod.

10- 9’ 3pc, fast 7wt. It throws tight loops 70ft plus. Large trout western rivers or Lt. steel head rod or bass rod. I can make this in a 8wt or also Hollow the rod to cast a 6wt.

11- 8 ‘ 5 wt. Hollow Quad, nice light line rod.

12 – 8 ‘ 3″ 5wt Hollow Quad rod. Nice longer length rod for mending line.

13 – 8 Edwards 3 pc off a Special gray rod. It is a 5dt or 6wt forward line rod and is powerful. This is a nice larger water rod that can handle wind.
14 – 9′ 3″ 2 pc 10 wt line Salmon or Steel-head rod with my taper.


There are so many tapers, that there are endless possibilities. Here are a few.

1. 8′ 3-pc. 5-wt. off an E. W. Edwards 1930 rod, delicate rod. Casts close and far. This is a nice rod with an impressive taper. Best 3 pc. rod I have ever cast.

2. 6′ 3″ 1945 Paul Young Midge 4 wt. (reproduction)

3. 7′ 0″ 3 wt. (medium fast)

4. 7′ 0″ 3/4 wt. 7012 (delicate, loads in close)

5. 7′ 0″ 4 wt. 7012C (fast)

6. 7′ 6″ 7613 Dickerson 5/6 wt. (fast)

7. 7′ 4″ 4/5 wt. smooth, delicate and very nice. I use this taper on my personal rod that I fish 95% of the time. Used primarily for fishing sulphers and other fly emergers, except weighted nymphs on Spring Creek and Fishing Creek. It has progressive action and is a Payne taper that is shortened.

8. 6′ 8″ F. E, Thomas taper. Casts a 3-wt and is a nice rod.

9. 7′ Garrison 193 3-4wt with a nice taper.

10. 8′ 3-pc. 5-wt Gene Edwards taper. On the faster side of medium and is a crisp rod.

11- Payne 98 copy 7′ 5wt. Forward nice medium fast rod, about everyone likes this taper.


13- 3pc. A & F Triton made by Edwards, nice 5wt. Forward line rod has a delicate and sweet feel. Casts up to 45ft. This is a fine tip rod.

14- 8ft 3wt 2 pc rod. Nice 3 wt and longer length for mending line.

15- 9 ft 7wt 2 pc. Paul Young Model -Para 18 very easy casting rod with no effort to cast 80ft. This rod is very impressive imo. and would make a nice large trout rod or a nice lt. steel head rod. This rod was made in the 40’s and is an early Young rod. A friend is the original owner of the rod that I mic’d that is a model 18.

16- Paul Young perfectionist -7’6″ epc-4-5wt and is a nice parabolic rod.

17- 8′ 3pc Leonard SO. 5wt there are many of these tapers but I like this one as a medium-fast all around trout rod. It even packs down for travel.

18- 8′ 5wt Paul Young 15. I mic’d the rod from a friends’ collection. Done as Paul Young built it on 6″ centers. Nice, easier to cast parabolic action. Good all-purpose trout rod.

19- Paul Young Driggs taper, 7′ 2″ 5wt. Nice parabolic rod and casts well.

20- parabolic- 9′ 7wt, nice big trout rod or lite steel head rod- casts a long line and is a fun rod.

21- parabolic 9′ 3″ 10 wt line. Salmon taper or large steel head taper. Roll casts well also can handle handle weighted nymphs. Casts a long line as well. My taper.

22- 7′ 4/5wt line Payne 98 taper. Crisp dry fly rod, nice taper.

23- Payne 7′ 6″ 4wt Payne 100 progressive and smooth action that flexes all the way to the grip. I use this quite a bit for trout.

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